Kickass Personalized Booze Piñatas

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Personalized. Boozy. Fun.


"The most entertaining gift I've ever received."

Don't you ever grow up.

We launched NIPYATA! for all those adults out there that refuse to grow up. You know who you are. You still appreciate a good laugh, a great party and some old fashioned tomfoolery.

NIPYATA's are widely known to bring good luck and ward off evil forces. And get you tipsy.

We donate a portion of every NIPYATA! purchase to a good cause. 

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Our rapidly growing fanbase loves our Personalized NIPYATA! Booze Piñatas.

"The most entertaining gift I've ever received." 

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"The most entertaining gift I've ever received."

Sarah H. - Brooklyn, NY

"The personalization options are amazing. Most fun product I've purchased online. Ever."

Jenna P. - San Francisco, CA

"You can send flowers or an edible arrangement. But they really want a NIPYATA!"

Tom K. - Boston, MA

"The personalized messages are hilarious. I love this company."

Jessica R. - Austin, TX

"Worth every penny. Absolutely hysterical gift. I will order again."

John V. - Nantucket, MA

Yes, the bottles are plastic.

For your safety, we only use plastic nips.

Yes, we ship super fast.

We get it. Sometimes things get left to the last minute. We got you covered.

Yes, 100% Guaranteed

If you're not happy. We're not happy. Return for a full refund. No questions asked.

Yes, you can pick your favorite liquors.

We carry Tanqueray, Fireball, SKYY, Svedka, Smirnoff, Deep Eddy Vodka, Devotion Vodka, Evan Williams, Crown Royal, Dewars, Jose Cuervo, Bailey's, Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam, and many more. If it comes in plastic, we carry it.


The Custom NIPYATA!

Looking for something for someone special? Our custom order form allows for full customization of your majestic NIPYATA!


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Order a NIPYATA! for a drinking buddy.

Then get a few nips inside you and let's go make some bad decisions.