Booze Piñatas

The ultimate party gift - filled with mini plastic bottles of spirits

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"The most entertaining gift I've ever received."

We created NIPYATA! for all of those grown ups out there who refuse to grow up. You know who you are - you still appreciate a good laugh, a great party and some old-fashioned tomfoolery.

How It Works

1. Select Shape

Choose your spirit animal or favorite NIPYATA! shape!

2. Select Booze

Choose the number of bottles and your favorite liquors!

3. Select Messages

Enter any fun messages for the bottles and select a Deliver By Date!

Snowmanyata! - NIPYATA!


Regular price $ 109.99
A mix of straight vodka from Smirnoff, Deep Eddy, Svedka and SKYY
A mix of flavored vodkas from Smirnoff, Deep Eddy, Svedka and SKYY - lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc.
Assortment of dark and light rums from Bacardi, Capt. Morgan's and Black Roberts
A mix of Blanco and Gold from Margaritaville, Jose Cuervo and Dulce Vida 100% Agave Organic
An assortment of whiskeys from Jack Daniel's, Evan Williams and Jim Beam
Customized messages attached to the back of each mini bottle
Enter three phrases separated by semicolons. We'll put these on the backs of the 50ml bottles. Skip this and we'll include our standard NIPYATA! Fortunes. Some naughty, some nice!
Because we frickin' love our customers, we handwrite a note to that lucky devil NIPYATA! recipient. Enter it below:
Enter the date you need this delivered by. Leave blank, and it will leave our New Jersey facility within 1 - 2 business days of order date. For expedited shipping options, please email after you submit the order.
Prices will be hidden on the receipt.

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