What exactly is a Nip Party?

Over the past few weeks, we've been fielding a lot of questions about Nip Parties and we wanted to make sure all of our readers understood exactly how awesome these things are.

First off, a nip party isn't all about Nips and Nipyatas. You can bring other types of stuff- beer, wine, pills, whatever it is you're into. That being said, most of the cool people at the party will think you're an idiot if you bring that shit. Nip Parties are ALL ABOUT THE NIPS.

The last nip party we hit up was a real doozie. They had two coffin coolers stuffed with ice and nips. Ice cold nips are amazing. Looked like there were about 30 different brands represented across the 1,500 or so nips. Fireball was obviously a dominant player. As the coffins were getting low, I realized they also had a back up bath tub of nips upstairs- really savvy move here by the veteran- always have a backup tub or two of extra nips. And remember, lots of ice.

Nip Parties are great because they really help me with regulating my alcohol intake. I know after about 14 drinks I'm feeling really good, but if I go too far past it or have too many strong poured cocktails I turn into a mutant. So nips are a nice way to make sure I'm walking the line.

Portability of plastic 50ml bottles is also a KEY success factor to these Nip Parties. When the volley ball game started getting nuts, I knew I needed to get in there as Goose and lay down some massive spikes. Tucked three nips into my waistband and headed onto the court. Every time we changed serve, I had my nips ready to quench my thirst. 

As the party is breaking up and people are getting ready for after hours / bar crawling, it's always helpful to have a few nips in your pockets as you're strolling the town with the rest of the party people.

Enjoy your next party, make it a Nip Party, and don't you dare forget the back up tub!

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